JLT Group

JLT is one of the world's leading providers of insurance, reinsurance and employee benefit related advice, brokerage and associated services. Our client proposition is built upon our deep specialist knowledge, client advocacy, tailored advice and service excellence.

We centre everything we do on the client with a proposition based on deep knowledge, tailored advice and service excellence.

Our Mission

We act in our clients' best interests and bring the best of JLT to all of our clients. 

We advise our clients without influence of bias and value innovation and creativity.

We expect to be judged and rewarded based on our performance.

Our Values

We recognise that our people drive our success. Our people work together as One JLT to share knowledge, solve problems and deliver the best solutions for our clients.

We think fast, move swiftly and act decisively. Our entrepreneurial drive gives us the freedom to take on new challenges, think creatively and capture opportunities that others cannot.

We work with integrity and discipline and stand up for what we believe in. Our work is thorough and our solutions robust, because it really matters to us to do what is right - for our clients, our people, our trading partners and our investors.


Jardine Insurance Brokers was formed by Jardine Matheson many years ago and subsequently became a listed company in which Jardine Matheson retained a majority interest. JLT was created in 1997 when Jardine Insurance Brokers plc merged with Lloyd Thompson Group plc. As a consequence of that transaction, Jardine Matheson retained a shareholding of 30% in the merged business. In 2011 Jardine Matheson increased its shareholding in JLT from 30% to 40%.

Jardine Matheson has been a long-term shareholder and supporter of JLT and has played a important part in the success of JLT particularly in Asia where its reputation and local knowledge are of great value.